Patented transparent LCD technology delivers your message to the consumer at the point of purchase.

The Anthony iDOOR®
Increases in-store sales, Enhances merchandising effectiveness, Targets demographics and lifestyles, Engages shoppers at the moment of purchase

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The patented iDOOR® can be used in Cooler, Freezer and Stand-Alone glass door applications and is available in various transparent screen sizes and finishes. Full-motion HD graphics and animations can be easily created, organized and modified through the cloud-based technology.

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Designed for Grocery and Convenience Stores, the iDOOR® offers a compelling and differentiated way to connect with shoppers directly at the point of purchase. Retailers can feature relevant and targeted messages directly on LCD panels embedded in refrigeration glass doors.

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The iDOOR® offers innovative retail merchandising strategies that increases sales and improves promotional effectiveness. With the iDOOR you can place actionable messages in front of the shopper’s line of sight and within arm’s reach of the product.

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Shopper behavior is strongly influenced by ever-changing cultural trends and demographics. iDOOR® digital signage solution connects with shoppers’ lifestyles and food & beverage preferences by communicating valuable and localized content.

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A national convenience store chain recently tested Anthony’s innovative iDOOR® for a 3-month pilot program. The results are in and prove that Anthony’s digital signage solution increases shoppers engagement and store profitability.

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iDOOR ideas

With only seconds to grab shoppers’ attention, the iDOOR® displays eye-catching graphics and animations that impact purchasing behaviors.

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