Service and Support Documents

Replacement Door / Parts Questionnaire / Misc Forms

Ballast Questionnaire
Gasket Questionnaire
Anthony Replacement Door Questionnaire
Ardco® Replacement Door Questionnaire
Outside Mount Door Questionnaire
Guide for Ordering Replacement Heaters
Anthony Door Easy Order Form
Custom Shelving Request

Installation Manual

101B, 210X, ELM, 101X Frame Installation Service Manual 
101B, 210X, ELM, VSTB Installation Manual
101, 2100, Pass-Thru Doors, Service & Installation
103 Installation Manual
103B Pass Thru Heavy Duty Hinge Installation
401 & 403 Pass-Thru Svc & Installation (401E) Post April 2015
1100, 1500 - Service & Installation
601B, 6001 Outside Mount - Installation Manual
Infinity® 060 Installation Manual
Infinity® 090 Installation Manual
VSDR/VSER Door Installation Instructions
Vista® R Door Installation Instructions
Vista B® Installation Manual
Vista C® Installation Manual
Vista Elite Installation Instructions
Anthony LED Lighting System
OptiMax Pro LED Instructions
OptiMax Pro LED Instructions(Web only)
OptiMax Pro 24 LED Instructions
ELS® Ballast Replacement
ELS® T-8 Lamp Replacement
Canopy and Solid Shelf LED Lights Installation Instructions
Wire Shelf LED Lights Installation Instruction
GFS, GFM Shelving
GFS Installation Instructions
Standard Shelving Installation Instructions
Flat wire shelving installation instructions
Four-Post Shelving System Install
Post Retaining Bracket Install
Upright (WM) Installation Instruction
POM Lock Installation for Revesible Door Frames
POM lock Retro Fit Kit Installation Instructions
Smart Controller Installation Instructions for Anthony Frames (101, 401, 1001)
Viewing Windows
Model 1950 Viewing Window Installation Instructions
Model 1960 Installation Instructions
Slide Lids
Slide Lids - Island Case Retrofit Instructions
Standard Shelf Setback Dimensions
Model 401 (Post April 2015)
Model Displayrite
Model 101-2100

Anthony Warranty



NSF / UL Certification