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    When you purchase one (1) LifePlus Gasket® and one (1) Cloze Control®, you get 5 years of gasket warranty. That’s an additional 4 full years of gasket warranty for free!

    Take Advantage of Anthony's Exciting New Promotion: 1+1=5!



    Commercial coolers and freezers are heavy consumers of energy. Much of this energy consumption is a direct result of the short life span of door gaskets. Maintaining cooler and freezer door gaskets is not only important in conserving refrigerated air and energy within the cases, but also in maintaining food safety and extending refrigeration equipment life, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance expenses.

    • Are you challenged with deteriorating and leaking gaskets?
    • Are you struggling to reduce refrigeration energy costs?
    • Are you overwhelmed with increasing maintenance expenses?

    Anthony’s 1+1=5 Promotion offers a proven synergy of two advanced technologies, Cloze Control® and LifePlus Gasket® to help you prolong gasket life, and reduce your energy and maintenance costs.

    Cloze Control®

    Patented advanced door closing technology, the Cloze Control® prevents slamming by softly closing cooler and freezer doors, further reducing gasket and mullion wear.

    • Improves energy savings by preventing air leakage through premature gasket wear
    • Softly closes doors to prolong gasket and door life
    • Enhances shopper experience by eliminating door slamming

    LifePlus Gasket®

    LifePlus Gasket® is a gasket material offered only through Anthony that maintains tight door seals at cold temperatures and has a high resistance to fatigue.

    • Reduces energy costs by maintaining tight seal throughout repeated door openings and closings and anti-condensate heat cycles
    • Superior sealing performance compared to standard PVC gaskets
    • High durability even under harsh conditions and heavy use
    • Longer gasket life lowers maintenance costs

    1+1=5 is now available for both new and existing Anthony Infinity 090, Eliminaator and 101 Series Door Models.

    Start Saving and Ask for 1+1=5!

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