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    The Anthony story began with two enterprising young men who were in the right place, at the right time, with the right product. The continued success of the company, however, has been based on a combination of hard work, excellent employees, good business sense, innovative ideas, and the ability to meet the demands of the marketplace. Anthony’s quality products and excellent after-sale service are what later established it as a prominent manufacturer of glass doors and display equipment. Here's a look back at Anthony's 50 years of quality and service:
    Anthony History
    1958 Anthony's Refrigerations Service Company
    was founded by Gerald Anthony Linglebach and Michael Stromquist, who manufactured an aluminum/glass refrigerator door, unique in design with the first self-closing mechanism.
    1960 Anthony's Manufacturing Co., Inc.
    was opened in Glendale, CA with increased sales across the western U.S.
    1965 Facility in Sylmar, CA and Anglass Industries
    To meet the growing demand for Anthony doors, a larger facility was built in San Fernando (Sylmar), CA. A new glass division, Anglass Industries, was formed, and within 2 years was producing tempered insulated glass units and a proprietary heated glass - making Anthony the only door manufacturer to possess this high-tech process.
    1974 Retrofit & Gravity-Feed Shelving
    With rising U.S. energy costs, Anthony developed a new retrofit program, fitting multideck open cases with glass doors, and reducing in-store energy usage by up to 60%. Anthony also introduced a line of Gravity-Feed shelving, offering store owners big reductions in labor costs for merchandising.
    1986 Heat-reflective Glass
    Anthony was sold to The Northern Group. With new ideas for energy efficiency emerging in the industry, Anglass began production of its heat-reflective glass, further reducing energy requirements for Anthony doors.
    1987 Reversible Door
    Anthony introduced its reversible door - another industry first.
    1989 401 Series
    Anthony offered a new economically priced 401 Series cooler/freezer package.
    1993 2100 Designer Series and Electronic Lighting System® (ELS®)
    Anthony introduced its unique "2100 Designer Series." Cooler/freezer doors with an "all glass" appearance were offered in a variety of border colors to coordinate with store and product design. Also introduced that year was its Electronic Lighting System® (ELS®) which permanently revolutionized the industry's lighting standards.
    2001 Eliminaator Door Line
    Anthony introduced the first completely energy-free "Eliminaator" door line. Its low temp glass pack met CRMA conditions, with quick clear time - making it the most energy-efficient door & frame system in the refrigeration industry.
    2002 M-Line, Swingline, DisplayRite and Sliding Doors
    These popular and long-established door packages and lighting system became part of the Anthony product line when Anthony acquired Ardco and Displayrite from Carrier Corp.
    2005 PVC Slider Doors and "OptiMax" LED Lighting
    Anthony acquired Pike Door Products in Elizabeth, NJ. Maintaining their existing plant, Pike added a wider variety of PVC sliders to the Anthony product line. Anthony also developed and introduced a revolutionary lighting system for commercial refrigeration - "OptiMax" LED Lighting, currently available on most Anthony door lines.
    2006 Eliminaator2, Door Line and New "E-S-P" System
    A new low-energy door & frame system, "Eliminaator2" was introduced. This inspired the combination of "the best of the best" of Anthony products and technology in the new "E-S-P" System: the world's first ENERGY-FREE aluminum cooler and freezer door system to meet ASHRE/CRMD conditions.
    2007 Reach to Asian and Pacific Markets 
    • Anthony installed an automatic sealed glass unit production machine - LISEC - using soft-edge glass technology for low-energy and energy-free doors.
    • August 1 - SOVIS, North America became part of the Anthony corporate family, giving Anthony customers the options of tempered bent and curved glass in custom shapes and finished edges.
    • November 1 - Introduction of a new generation of the "Anthony OptiMax " LED Lighting System with lower cost and lower energy use, specifically designed for Anthony door lines!
    • November 16 - Anthony acquired Flying Glass Co. in Shanghai, a high-end glass door producer in China. Specializing in insulated glass doors with tempered flat or curved glass (heated and non-heated), Flying Glass serves the commercial refrigeration markets in China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, S. Korea, Singapore, and some Western European countries.  
    2008 "OptiMax2" LED Lighting
    Introduction of Anthony 's newly developed and patented "OptiMax2" LED Lighting with higher quality and performance and lower cost. This system is available in two versions: High Output for maximum brightness and Low Output for maximum energy savings.
    2009 Curved and Tempered Glass
    The infinite variety of complex glass shapes that can be provided by new Anthony family members Val (Italy) and Temperbent (IL) brings reality to today's designs and gives rise to innovations for the future.
    2010 Retofit Kits and Re-skinning
    Anthony became the market leader in Display Case Re-skinning with addition of Trausch Industries and VOS Equipment as new family members.
    2012 Anthony acquired BIG Services, Inc.,
    a provider of installation services to retailers across North America. BIG Services’ focus on delivering strong on-premise installation services combines well with Anthony’s focus to deliver industry-leading technology with proven manufacturing capabilities to our retail customers.
    2012 Dover Acquires Anthony
    Dover Corporation announces that it has acquired Anthony to enhance Dover’s product breadth and expand markets in refrigeration and food equipment. Anthony is to join the Refrigeration and Industrial platform of Dover’s Engineered Systems segment.
    2014 Dover Announces New Segment Structure
    Anthony becomes a part of Dover Refrigeration & Food Equipment Segment to better enable Dover to focus on key markets and leverage the scale, while continuing an emphasis on geographic market expansion, innovation and exceptional customer service.

    Anthony will continue to design products that will enhance merchandising, ensure food safety and protect the environment.