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  • Pass-Thru Doors


    For increased sales volume in walk-in coolers, additional beer, beverage or deli items can be merchandised behind the Pass-Thru door. Anthony’s Roll-A-Way Beverage cart is rolled back and out of the way for access to the cooler. When the door is not in use, the Roll-A-Way is pulled back up behind the glass door, with wheels locked, increasing your merchandising display area.


    • Normal Temp


    • Adjustable vinyl wiper seals
    • Variety of Finishes and Handles to Match Reach-In Door Models
    • Door stop feature limits how far the door opens to minimize impact with adjacent doors and shoppers
    • Automatic hold-open provides shoppers with easy access to merchandise and allows for easy stocking
    • TorqueMaster Door Adjustment
    • Size 38 x 81 built in line with ADA Standards
    • Bumper Bar
    • Round Push Bar

    Optional Features & Upgrades:

    • Adjustable Wiper Seal
    • Heavy Duty Hinging
    • Bumper Bar
    • Round Push Bar
    • Stainless Steel or Diamond Pattern Kick Plate
    • Optimax 7 Series LED Lighting
    • Electronic Door Locks (101 only)
    • POM Lock (Not Available with Full Length Handle)
    • Cylinder Lock (w/Center Mullion Only)
    • Full Length Handles (Normal Temp w/Center Mullions Only)
    • Roll-A-Way Carts

    Push Bar Web  Round Push Bar
    Bumper Bar_web  Bumper Bar
    Kickplate Diamond  Diamond Pattern Kick Plate
    Kickplate REg  Stainless Steel Kick Plate