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  • Vista® C

    The Anthony Vista® C Door provides a sleek design that offers high visibility with extreme convenience and presents refrigerated products and floral displays with the ideal combination of visibility and ease of use. Available in satin silver or black color options, the Vista® C Door comes standard factory installed with a Reduced Aluminum Perimeter Rail and Full-Length Handle providing improved durability and merchandise visibility.

    High Clarity Cooler Door with Reduced Aluminum Perimeter Rail to provide Better Merchandise Visibility. 


    • Normal


    • Walk-in
    • Reach-in Case

    Sizes Available:



    2-PANE LOW E GLASS PACK W/ARGON GAS 75°F, 65% RH Ambient/ 35°F Walk-In Energy 

    • 24” W x 67” T
      30” W x 67” T
      24” W x 75” T
      26” W x 75” T
      30” W x 75” T
      36” W x 75” T
      24” W x 79” T
      30” W x 79” T 

    Standard Features:

    • 2-pane Non-heated Low-E Glass with Argon Gas.
    • Thin 0.88”, 2-pane, argon-filled, non-heated Low-E glass.
    • 24”, 26”, 30”, and 36” wide configuration available with or without center mullion.
    • Heated Frame Rail.
    • Full Length Handle.
    • Optimax 7 Standard Power LED Lights increase visual impact of product while reducing energy consumption.
    • Long lasting frame compression gasket for Tight Seal.
    • Five 27” deep white or black epoxy-coated shelves per door with matching price tag molding, galvanized steel posts, and shelf brackets.
    • Front-Loading Raceway and U-Shaped Mullion for Easy Service.
    • Door Stop feature limits door opening to 87° minimizing impact with adjacent doors and shoppers.

    Optional Features & Upgrades:

    •   Anti-Fog
    • Vista Arch Handle
    • Optimax 7 French Swing LED
    • POM Lock (Standard Swing Only)
    • Double Wide Shelving
    • Extra Shelves
    • Black/White Epoxy-Coated Shelf Posts
    • Gravity Flow Shelving
    • Gravity Flow Merchandising
    • Roll-A-Way Cart
    Vista C Handles