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  • LifePlus Gasket®

    LifePlus Gasket® provides superior sealing performance and longer life compared to standard PVC gaskets to better lock in refrigerated air and save energy costs. Made from long-lasting polymers, the LifePlus Gasket® retains tight sealing performance throughout repeated thermal changes including anti-condensate heat cycles, and repeated door openings and closings for greater energy efficiency and lowering operating costs and decreasing the need for maintenance. LifePlus Gasket® is the New Standard in commercial refrigeration gaskets.


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    5x Gasket Life


    LifePlus Gasket’s excellent elastic recovery over a wide temperature range retains tight sealing performance throughout repeated door openings and closings, anti-condensate heat cycles and other thermal changes. Compared to standard PVC gaskets, LifePlus Gasket assures significant energy savings, superior sealing and longer life.


      LifePlus Gasket comes standard on the following Anthony door models:
    • 101 Series
    • Infinity 090 Series
    • Eliminaator Series
    • Eliminaator Renu Series


    • Cooler and Freezer
    • Retrofits onto all Anthony doors with Aircell door gaskets

    Thermal Stability


    Standard Benefits:

    • Increases door gasket life by over 100%
    • Last up to 5x longer than conventional PVC Gaskets on the market
    • Excellent door sealing performance at low temperatures
    • 1 year labor, and 3 year part replacement warranty
    • Enhanced customer shopping experience by eliminating air leakage
    • Reduced maintenance costs

    Material Construction


    Bellow Thickness


    1-year Labor Warranty 3-year Parts Warranty