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  • Optimax Radiant Series LED


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    Optimax Radiant Series LED!

    Optimize your cold-vault merchandising with the Optimax Radiant LED Light.

    Specifically designed to improve merchandising and increase cold-vault sales, the Optimax Radiant Series LED light feature best-in-class uniformity and high color rendering for enhanced product visibility

    Unparalleled Performance

    • Higher color rendering to ensure merchandising "pops" in the display case
    • Maximizes lighting uniformity across door space
    • Outperforms competitive models in lumens, efficacy (Lumens/Watt), distribution and L70 life

    Long-Term Reliability

    • 100,000-hour L70 life
    • Dependable 24V constant-voltage power supply
    • 5-year warranty

    Download The Definitive Guide to Merchandising