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  • Infinity® MAX

    Elevate convenience and elegance with the beautiful Infinity® MAX. Providing maximum merchandise visibility, the Infinity MAX features the ultimate all-glass look design without mullions or vertical door rails, providing end-to-end Walk-In Cooler visibility. The Infinity MAX offers durable construction, energy-efficient performance and standard features that simplify product access and enhance the shopping experience.



    Infinity MAX — the Ultimate All-Glass Look for Maximum Merchandise Visibility


    • Normal Temp
    • 75°F, 65% RH Ambient / 35°F Walk-In Anti-Condensate Sweat Protection


    • Walk-in

    Sizes Available

    • 24” W x 67” T
      30” W x 67” T
      24” W x 75” T
      30” W x 75” T
      30” W x 79” T

    Standard Features:

    • Vista Arch Handle
    • French Door Swing
    • Energy Controller
    • Heated Frame Only (No Door Heat)
    • LifePlus Gasket® with 3 Yr. Warranty
    • Optimax 7 LED Series
    • Thin 0.5” Infinity Edge Painted Border Provides All-Glass Look
    • Hydraulic Door Close with Speed Control
    • Fully Aluminum Door Header & Sill providing increased durability and reduced downtime
    • Door Stop Limits Door Opening to 87° Minimizing Impact with Adjacent Doors and Shoppers
    • Automatic Hold-Open Simplifies Stocking and Provides Shoppers with Easy Merchandise Access
    • No Mullion or Vertical Door Rails Providing End-to-End Walk-In Cooler Merchandise Visibility
    • Five 27” Deep, Double-Wide White or Black Epoxy-Coated Shelves Per Door with Matching Price Tag Molding, Posts and Shelf Brackets. 79” Doors include seven shelves.

    Optional Features & Upgrades

    • Anti-Fog
    • Extra Shelves
    • Roll-Away Cart
    • Gravity Flow Shelving
    • Gravity Flow Merchandising
    • Clearvoyant Undershelf LED
    • Frame Mounted Cylinder Lock (2 Per Door) 150 lb Max Pull Force

    Standard Options

    • Infinity MAX Finishes:
      • Satin Silver or Black
    • Standard Handle Options:
      • Vista Arch in Satin Silver or Black