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  • Optimax Pro 24 LED

    Find your solutions to energy-efficient LED LIGHTING with the OPTIMAX PRO 24 LED LIGHT.

    Delivering unparalleled lighting uniformity that enhances product visibility, with 30% increase in illumination and efficiency, the Optimax Pro 24 LED Light provides exceptional value and is the light of choice when merchandising product.


    Unparalleled Performance
    • Highly uniform illumination
    • Hot spot prevention
    • High-CRI LEDs enhance merchandise color
    • Occupancy sensor and dimmer Available
    Long-Term Reliability
    • L70 life, 50,000 hours
    • Aluminum fixture base with stainless steel brackets
    • Dependable 24VDC constant-voltage power
    • Over 1 Million LEDs still in use
    • 5 year warranty