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    Next Generation Walk-In Frame and Door Platform 

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    Retailers know the most effective ways to merchandise products contained in their coolers and freezers, they  know that sales of these important and high-margin products have to be maximized. Anthony is continuously improving our products and portfolio to help retailers achieve these goals. Our next generation walk-in door and frame platform comes with a number key features that improve its thermal efficiency and raise its Anti-Condensate Sweat Protection ~ helping our customers save more money and sell more product.  

    Our Next Generation Walk-In Door & Frame Platform, this new and improved platform has been redesigned and re-engineered, enhancing key features and making it our best performing Walk-In Platform yet, offering unsurpassed performance. Our improved designs and features have resulted in increased thermal efficiency and anti-condensate sweat protection levels across the entire platform*:

    • Normal Temperature Applications (Coolers): 75°F, 65%RH ambient/35°F
    • Low-Temperature Applications (Freezers): 75°F, 65%RH ambient/-10°F

    Our platform’s new frame includes improvements such as vacuum insulated paneling, fully sealed enhanced mullion design, and the overall reduction in the number replacement parts.  Our doors (401, 101, Infinity 90 Series) will come standard factory installed with our new Air Shield Technology.  Air Shield Technology, only available through Anthony,  reduces air and heat transfer at the door rail, providing an added a layer of thermal protection and improved sealing for an overall increase in Anti-condensate sweat protection.

    The following Product Families have been reconfigured with the new Door/Frame platform: 401; 101; Infinity®90; Infinity® 60; and our Vista® C Series. Other updates to our new platform include the new standard single swing configuration for both the Infinity 60® and Vista® C Series Doors. *401 Series will remain at 75°F, 55%RH ambient in both NT & LT applications.

    Next Generation Frame
    Our re-engineered and re-designed frame includes new improvements such as vacuum insulated paneling, fully sealed enhanced mullion design, and the overall reduction in the number replacement parts.  This new frame improves thermal efficiency, and adds additional Anti-condensation sweat protection. 

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    Air Shield Technology
    Our new Air Shield Technology provides our 401, 101, and Infinity 90 Series an added layer of thermal protection and improved sealing for overall Anti-condensate sweat protection, by blocking air and heat transfer at the door rail. Air Shield Technology along with our new next generation frame, and LifePlus Gasket® sets a new standard of performance. 

    Optimax 7 Series LED
    The new Optimax 7 LED Series Lighting optimizes cold-vault merchandising through achieving best-in-class uniformity, high color rendering, and improved efficacy that creates improved product visibility for merchandise in convenience-store and grocery-store retailers. The Optimax 7 Series LED provides superior lighting, with remarkable aspects and values, such as Lumen output, CRI, and LUX incident on target area are key to achieving the best light to optimize your merchandise.

    LifePlus Gasket®
    Our LifePlus Gasket® provides superior sealing performance and longer life compared to standard PVC gaskets to better lock in refrigerated air and save energy costs. Made from long-lasting polymers, the LifePlus Gasket® retains tight sealing performance throughout repeated thermal changes including anti-condensate heat cycles, and repeated door openings and closings.  Our LifePlus Gasket® comes standard with a three year parts and one year labor warranty thereby  lowering operating costs and decreasing the need for maintenance. LifePlus Gasket® is the New Standard in commercial refrigeration gaskets.