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  • Optimax 7 Series LED

    Superb Color Rendering, Lighting Uniformity, & High Efficiency

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    Truly See Cold-Vault Merchandise

    Take optimizing your merchandise to a New Level, with our new Optimax 7 Series LED Refrigerated Case Lighting. The Optimax 7 Series is specifically designed to optimize your merchandise and increase cold-vault sales, this new series features best-in-class uniformity and high color rendering for enhanced product visibility, color saturation, and clarity. Many manufacturers focus only on Lumen output, here at Anthony we know that to achieve superior lighting optimizing all aspects and values, such as Lumen output, CRI, and LUX incident on target area are key to achieving the best light to optimize your merchandise.

    Unparalleled Performance

    • Continued Best-In-Class Lighting Distribution
    • Improved Merchandise Color Rendering - R9 of 72
    • Improved Long-Term Reliability & Short Lead Times
    • Improved Efficacy – Lumens/Watts
    • Best-in-class Uniformity
    • Minimized direct light to shopper
    • Dimming Option

    Long-Term Reliability

    • L90, >54,000 Hours
    • L70, >100,000 Hours
    • Dependable 24V constant-voltage power supply
    • 1-Year Labor Warranty
    • 5-Year Parts Warranty




    Driver Specifications:

    • UL Class 2 Low Voltage
    • Input 120-277VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Output, 24VDC, 100w Max


    • UL, NSF, and CE Approved
    • IP65 Rated
    • DLC V 5.1. Listed, DLC V 5.1. Premium Listed*
      *When used with Dimming Option 
    CRI sodas

    Our New Optimax 7 Series LED is second to none when it comes to achieving best-in-class uniformity and high color rendering that creates improved product visibility. Our new Optimax 7 Series LED achieves a CRI of 94 making your merchandise “POP” with clear, vivid, vibrant, and as close to natural light (CRI 100) as possible. As you can see above her at Anthony have made tremendous improvements in LED lighting over the years and are proud and excited for the newest LED the Optimax 7 Series.



    Most other LED manufactures measure their LED Color Rendering Index from R1 through R8. The chart above illustrates the improvements we have been able to achieve not only for R1 through R8 but the improvements for R9 through R15 and a significant increase to the R9 value of Bright Red color. Why is this important? The color red captures customers attention, draws their eyes to the products. As humans we associate the color Red with excitement, passion, energy, and action. Here at Anthony we know that having your merchandise “POP” is key to increased sales.