Door Selection Guide:

Rugged & Robust

The 101 Cooler and Freezer Door has become the standard in our industry as an entry-level door that can meet the demands of high-traffic shopping. The 101 Series Door has been engineered to withstand the daily wear and tear these shopping environments require, all at a competitive price.


The Eliminaator and Eliminaator Renu Cooler and Freezer Doors have been engineered with an advanced door-rail design to eliminate the need for anti-condensate heat. The Zero Energy Eliminaator Renu Door eliminates all door and glass heat in both cooler and freezer applications, offering significant energy savings and ROI.

Optimized Merchandising

The Vista® and Infinity® Cooler and Freezer Doors have been beautifully and elegantly designed to enhance and optimize merchandising visibility. These All-Glass doors have been developed to not only maximize net openings, but can come equipped with technologies such as Vista Elite's Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG), eliminating the need for door and glass heat while increasing anti-condensate protection.  
Rugged & Robust Energy-Efficient Optimized Merchandising
101 Series Eliminaator Eliminaator
Vista® C Infinity®
Heavy-Duty Beer Cave o
Outside Mount o o o
Zero Energy
Zero Energy Cooler Door o
Zero Energy Freezer Door
Door Rail Thickness 1-1/2” 1-1/2” 1-1/2” 1” 5/8” 7/8” All-Glass
All-Glass Look
French Swing
Automatic Door Hold Open
Magnetic Door Gasket
Handle Slimline Slimline Slimline Full Length Vista Arch Vista Arch Vista Arch
Full Length Handle o o o o
Optimax LED o o o o o o o
Low-Energy Frame o o o o o o
• = Standard Feature, o = Optional Feature
  All Anthony Door Models are UL, cUL Listed and DOE Compliant. Standard Cooler Door Models are built for the following conditions: 75 °F Room, 35 °F Case and 55% RH. Standard Freezer Door Models are built for the following conditions: 75 °F Room, -12 °F Case and 55% RH. Please contact your local Anthony Representative for custom models available for other Room and Case conditions.